Thursday, July 29, 2010

Commercialism Corner

Introducing: “The Commercialism Corner," your one-stop shop for quick summaries and links to all the latest about the commercialization of childhood complied by CCFC’s researcher extraordinaire, Shara Drew.  Be sure to check back often for the latest news. Here's your first installment:

NERF: Hasbro's Play in the Toy Arms Race – Capitalizing on the amount of time boys spend engaged with violent video games, Hasbro moves toward a more “military style of play” with new line of NERF guns modeled after assault weapons. CCFC’s and TRUCE’s Diane Levin weighs in.

Wired and Tired – Studies show TV watching, video game play, texting and other screen activities are interfering with teens’ sleep, which has negative effects for their well-being.  One doctor looks at the evidence and says, "From a public health standpoint, I look at this and I am scared stiff.”,0,6091440,full.story

Retailers Hold Black Friday-style Summer Sales for Christmas Shoppers – Retailers, including Toys R Us, hold “Christmas in July” sales in an attempt to kick off the consumer craze of the holidays—especially around purchasing toys—“when they least expect it.”

Energy Drinks Pose Serious Health Risk to Kids – And editorial in Canada’s leading medical journal about the negative health effects of energy drinks on children calls on the federal government to regulate the marketing of these products to children.

Brazil: Limits on Food Ads Shake Market Forces
– This blog post reviews the debate surrounding the recent federal ruling in Brazil that will require foods high in saturated fats, transfats, sugar and sodium to carry cigarette-like package warnings about the health risks associated with consuming large quantities of such foods.

Chairman: FTC Leans Toward 'Do Not Track' Registry
– The Federal Trade Commission chairman Jon Leibowitz told the Senate Commerce Committee—many members of which express being “spooked out” by data collection and behavioral marketing online—that the FTC is considering a “do not track” registry akin to the “do not call” registry as part of its fall report on privacy.  Leibowitz stopped short of calling for legislation, and said that while internet users are unlikely to use the registry, its availability would offer “reassurance.” Ad Age registration required.

Marketing ‘Tron: Legacy’ Brings the Hardest Sell Yet – Disney’s extraordinarily long 3-year marketing campaign for this Fall’s Tron: Legacy now includes talking action figures with digitally projected faces, and a move to turn marketing attention to those who can “make or break” a blockbuster: mothers and children.

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