Monday, August 2, 2010

Commercialism Corner

Commercialism Corner: Your one-stop shop for quick summaries and links to all the latest news about the commercialization of childhood.

Junk Food Advertising Needs Watershed Ban – After a ban on junk food advertising during children’s programming in the UK has failed to significantly decrease children’s exposure to such ads, health groups call on regulators to implement a ban on all junk food advertising before 9pm.  Child health advocates say this is necessary in order to combat the increasingly clever ways in which marketers target children.

U Going 2 the Bratz Party? IDK If They're So Popular
– MGA Entertainment, after an ongoing court battle with Mattel, regains rights to the scantily clad line of Bratz dolls.  With the win, MGA hopes to resurrect the sexualized dolls among so-called “tween” girls, with “a new twist on the core fashion play that made Bratz a hit.”  Major retail chains will begin carrying 13 new Bratz products in the next few weeks and 10 new Bratz characters in the fall.

Sweetwater Opens Campuses to Corporate Ads – South County, California school districts are opening up their schools to ads from McDonald’s, Nike and other corporations.  CCFC’s Josh Golin tells the San Diego Union-Tribune why selling a captive student audience to advertisers is not a good solution for tight school budgets.  (Note: Article inaccurately states that CCFC is part of Judge Baker Children’s Center.)

Disney Buys Playdom in $763 Million Deal, Becoming Hollywood Leader in Social Games – Disney buys Playdom, one of the largest social gaming platforms, to profit from the sale of virtual goods and extend its brand even further, setting its eyes on “casual gamers” and players of all ages.  New York Times registration required.

Ratings Watch: Disney Channel Sees Most-Watched July Ever – The Disney Channel, the number one network watched by children ages 6 to 14, had its most-watched month ever this July with 2.1 million viewers.  This is Disney’s second most-watched month on record—great news for Disney, depressing news for advocates of screen-free playtime.

Burger King to Launch Kids' Breakfast Meal – While McDonald’s is catching all the heat for its use of toys to market unhealthy food to children, Burger King slips in and begins selling children’s breakfast kids meals…which come with a toy, of course.

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